10 Books to Teach Kids about Germs!


As a kid, I hated science. I thought I was terrible at it. 
As an adult, and as a teacher, it is now one of my favorite things to teach!
Each year I have my students complete this BREAD MOLD EXPERIMENT (click HERE) where we watch just what happens to our food when we don't adequately was our hands. It's a disgusting delight!

Below I have included some phenomenal books that are must haves for any lessons on germs with kids!

1. Soap vs. Germs by Didi Dragon 

ENERGY CUPCAKES! That is what germs consider kids grimy little hands. This hilarious story uses dialogue and humor to teach kids that germs don't stand a chance against soap! The germs within the story teach kids where they like to hide in hopes that they can survive. This book is perfect for teaching kids proper hand-washing techniques. It's witty humor makes it entertaining and memorable. 

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2. A Germs Journey by Thom Rooke

This is another witty story that uses dialogue, detailed illustrations, and humor to easily engage and inform readers. Follow the journey of germs as they transfer from one place to another. Use this story to help teach students how easily germs can spread and practical ways to reduce their spread from one person to another. 

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3. A Little Spot Stays Home by Diane Alber

 I've been obsessed with Diane Alber for years and her Little Spot stories get me every time! This story uses kid friendly language to not only describe how germs are spread, but also key terms being used today. This story breaks down why the world looks different right now in an easy to understand manner. This is perfect for beginning dialogue about what a pandemic is, why it has changed the way we interact with the world around us, and how to make the most of if.
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4. Germs are Not for Sharing by Elizabeth Verdick

When you cough, or sneeze, or go to the bathroom, you follow healthy practices. This story show kids not only what to do in situations they will encounter each day, but also why we follow these practices. We might practice sharing most things, but germs are not things that we want to share! Another perfect story that uses kid friendly language to teach kids simple day to day hygiene.
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5. Do Not Lick This Book by Idan Ben-Barak

 Written by a microbiologist, this book perfectly blends humor and dialogue, with facts to create an engaging story that teaches kids about how germs are everywhere. The story takes readers on a journey with a microbe named Min and travels all around the human body. As the Min travels, readers are get to see close ups of germs, as if they were seen under a microscope.

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6. Sick Simon by Dan Krall 


 Simon doesn't mind being sick, but also doesn't realize that he is getting everyone else around him sick too! Clever dialogue, gross graphics, and a unique story line help kids understand why they need to properly take care of themselves, including washing their hands, staying home, and resting when they are sick. 

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7. Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger


    Jammed packed with facts and information in an easy to read, easy to understand format, this book is one of my favorites for teaching about germs. This book focuses a lot on the human body and how it interacts with germs an explains why you get a wide variety of sicknesses, including stomach aches, headaches, toothaches, and more!
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 9. I Don't Want to Wash my Hands by Tony Ross

If you have kids that just do not understand why you not only wash your hands, but do it frequently...then this is the book for you! As it follows the day of a little princess, we learn why we have to was hour hands many times each day!

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9. Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers by Francesca Gould
 All the gross germ facts you didn't know you needed to know! This book is delightfully disgusting and jammed packed with information that will make kids squirm in their chairs and laugh aloud!
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10. The Bacteria Book by Steve Mould


 Unlike most other books on this list, this one is more of an encyclopedia for germs than a picture book or read aloud. Let curious minds explore through all the gross, germy facts that they never even thought of! This book is a perfect follow up to any germ lesson to let budding scientists explore the specific part of germs that interests them the most.
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You can access all of these books by clicking the links below each book description, or by visiting my Amazon storefront HERE
As always, this list was extremely hard to narrow down to ten books. There are so many great books to teach kids about germs. Are there any books you would add to this list?

Also, I feel like I should add that these opinions are 100% my own. I was not paid or sponsored to write this post, but wouldn't it be fun if I was that cool! 😉

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